Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Postmodern courtesan follow up

There has been a flood of emails to my post on the Postmodern Courtesan.

For those of you, on either side of the issue that chose to write thoughtful critique, I shall respond over the course of the day, via email, as time permits.

To those of you on either side of the issue that responded in a less than civil manner, well, as in real life, you shall be ignored.

I may or may not choose to post again on the matter. It is not my intent to be a cheering section or lightning rod for debating the issue.

To one email correspondent in particular, let me say that Olympia Manet if far more 'relevant' as a person than you will ever be.

Irrespective of some of what she chooses to do-- and that choice is hers to make-- as a human being she has contributed far more to society than you ever will.

Wandering Mind

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