Monday, November 01, 2004

Postmodern courtesan comments and email

Despite the late evening post, I've received a number of emails on my post below, The Postmodern Courtesan Responds.

Not altogther unexpectedly, I have been excoriated for even having a discussion with the "likes" of Olympia Manet, and I have been called a racist homophobe (among other things) on the other extreme.

As I made clear, I wrote the piece as a discussion- an important one. As the ever succint Paulie of
The Commons notes in a comment he posted below, there is a strong argument to be made about the effects of gay marriage on children.

In any case, unless and until civil discourse becomes the norm, diverse opinion will become even more divisive-- and that means we all lose.

Wandering Mind

may not be suitable for political vegans