Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Day after comments

There isn't much I can add to the blogshere pundits that are analyzing the election.

Instead, I visited the Atrios website and read through some of the comments left on that left leaning site.

Civil discourse? I think not

Goal now is to make it living Hell for all Republicans...No hold barred, nothing to outrageous or dirty. I don't want to see any more virtuous, serious-minded discussions of policy or ideas. What I want to see is relentless attacks beyond imagination of every damn filthy Republican and all of their supporters. Non-stop attack. Meanwhile, start building the 08 campaign now. I will never quit fighting the ignorance that Murka has become. It's my F-ing country, they've just stolen it

America the Ugly, America the Destroyer, America the Asshole of the World...

Wear whatever the fuck you want, it ain't gonna mean shit unless you're willing to spill blood

its not the messenger - its the receiver we got out our message - it is righteous true and noble....the sheep cannot understand progressive politics they don't comprehend how we believe in women and their right to choose - remember women those 54% are against choice they don't comprehend how we have embraced the gay community instead of alienating it ...bottom line: so long as the cult religion is allowed to flourish, ignorance and intolerance will be the majority alas - gays guns grizzlies and the GOP are fine by the merican sheeplewhat do you expect - country of retards

Finally, I truly feel sorry for the Canadians. If there was ever a reason to beef up the border, this is it:

Let's all move to Canada together. We can start a new town. Atriostown. We'll blow up your teevees, throw away our papers go to the country, build some homes. Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches Try an find Jesus on our own. As far as income, I hear marijuana commands a high price.

Wandering Mind

may not be suitable for political vegans