Monday, October 11, 2004

*UPDATED* The page 21 rule

There's a saying in my business- "If you want to understand what's going to be important, look to page 21." If it's on page one, it's old news.

Well, here's the next page 21. To fully understand the impact this 'page 21' will have on us, click through and read the stories.

China, France sign 20 agreements

China and France signed 20 agreements during French President Jacques Chirac's five-day statevisit to China, concerning environmental protection, railway, aviation, agriculture, telecommunication and finance.

French president leads business push into China

French companies are benefiting from a state visit to China according to French President Jacques Chirac.

Chirac says Iraq war was illegal

Hanoi, Oct 8 - French President Jacques Chirac has said the US-led war in Iraq was illegal and expressed his fear for the country's future in the face of a "civil war".

In an interview with China Central TV filmed last month ahead of a visit to China this week, Chirac reiterated his strong opposition to Washington's decision to wage war on Saddam Hussein without United Nations backing.

Chirac accused of 'dishonour' on Tiananmen

President Jacques Chirac was accused yesterday of brushing aside Beijing's human rights record and the legacy of Tiananmen Square as he launched a public relations exercise intended to boost trade links between France and China.

Actually, that's the least of it. See my post here, on China's foray into Canada.

China will control the flow of critical raw materials and resources in Canada, our largest trading partner, with daily trade now in excess of a billion and a half dollars a day.

This is page 21, folks-- and how we react and deal with these new realities will be up to us and government policy.

This is going to hit you in your wallet, one way or the other.


(I wrote this in the comment section, in reply to a response to this post. I'm reposting my reply here, as a matter of clarification.)

The EU is attempting to usurp our economy, as well as our politics.

If the Chinese do control resources, it will become a sword of Damocles, hanging over us.

That control will affect our economy, jobs and public policy- that latter being the biggest issue of all.

If the EU gets into bed with Chinese, as they are trying to do now, they move to the front of line in terms of resource allocation-- and price controls. This is a time bomb-- and it's a short fuse. China's economy is booming and trade deals with the EU and oil producers are going to impact us in ways we can't yet imagine.

I will post on the public policy issues tomorrow.

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