Thursday, October 07, 2004

Two Palestinian teens pretending to fire rockets killed

The Palestinian culture of death isn't like playing cowboys and Indians. That game is imaginary in nature and is all about make believe.

It isn't about confronting soldiers or shielding gunmen.

Gaza Strip - An Israeli missile strike on Thursday killed two Palestinian teenagers who were playing with a tube and a gasoline-filled bottle in a game imitating militants firing rockets at Israel, relatives said...

Throughout the raid, which Israel launched to prevent militants from firing homemade Qassam rockets at Israeli towns, Palestinian children have emulated the violence in a series of games, using pieces of wood to represent guns in games of "firefight" and holding simulated funerals. In recent days, militants have appealed to parents in local radio broadcasts to keep children off the streets.

On Thursday morning, an unmanned Israeli aircraft spotted two suspicious figures on the edge of the Jebaliya refugee camp as they set up a rocket launcher, the army said. The drone spotted a flash, the figures ran away, then returned to the launcher and were struck by the missile, the army said.

The badly disfigured bodies were identified by relatives as Suleiman Abu Foul, 14, and Raed Abu Zeid, 15...

According to Suleiman's 19-year-old brother, Mohammed, friends said the two boys had been playing on the outskirts of Jebaliya, about 200 yards from an Israeli tank position, using an empty tube and gasoline-filled bottles to pretend to launch rockets at Israel.

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