Thursday, October 14, 2004

Thousands more to die in Sudan?

Good thing the UN is on the job.

There is nothing like threatening to consider the imposition of sanctions.

In the meantime, Sudan rebels say thousands more could die in Darfur.

"Tens of thousands more civilians in Darfur may die in coming months unless security improves, rebels from ravaged western Sudan said on Thursday.

"It's a matter of an ugly, genocidal war," said Sharif Harir, a senior member of the Sudanese Liberation Movement (SLM), one of Darfur's two rebel groups whose uprising last year provoked a fierce response from the government and Arab militia.

"Already 50,000 have died, and 10,000 have the potential to die every month if things don't improve," he added.

The United Nations' World Food Programme said this week it is being forced to scale back food aid in Darfur due to growing violence. Darfur residents recently told a visiting UN delegation of new attacks by Arab militiamen.

Article is here.

How bad is it? Well, a few hours ago I wrote on the UN sanctioned slaughter in Rwanda

A 'rebel' leader says the situation is "worse than Rwanda"
"This is not only killing, but starving, displacing, disease and poverty. The militias are targeting our water sources," added Mr. Minawi, whose own father is in a refugee camp on the border between Sudan and Chad.

That article is here.

It has to be difficult for those UN diplomats. Good thing they have that good French cuisine to fortify themselves with during these trying times.

Those diplomatic cocktail parties must be hell.

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