Sunday, October 31, 2004

The thinking feminists for Bush

In recent Newsmax piece, Tammy Bruce makes an argument that's tough to beat. Ms Bruce has also taken a hard line on Iraq and has spoken out in defense of marriage. For a bit of insight who Tammy Bruce is, see her website.

It really is a matter of issues, not of ethreal ideologies. Not this election, any way. The discussion of ideologies is important of course, but at the moment, it is not a luxury we have. Ideological discussions don't carry the firepower, deterrent or intmidation that we need to defeat what will inevitably remain a threat-- not a nuisance.

When we're being threatened by an all consuming fire, now isn't the time to discuss the merits of various brands of sprinkler systems, fire retardent sleepwear for kids or which brand of smoke alarms work best. You put out the fire and then discuss the options for the future.

America has always shown itself to a self correcting society, so I'm not worried about whether or not in the long run, we'll do the right thing. Nor do I fear healthy, vigorous political debate. Now, however, is the time we need to form a bucket brigade, and is not the time to have the 'can't we all just get along' discussion with the UN.

There are many reasons Tammy Bruce is voting for Bush:

The simple answer? It means you're a confident liberal, a thoughtful person who realizes that game of party loyalty takes a back seat to the safety of your family and this nation. It also means you take the slogans of "choice" and "radical individualism" seriously.

Isn't it ironic that there's nothing more radically individual these days than a liberal who doesn't conform?

For me, Authentic Feminism is rooted in making it possible for people tomake the choices that best suit them.

She goes on to say,
If you have recognized the weakness of John Kerry, and know in your heart a vote for the president is the right thing to do, join me and do it! It can be done with a clear conscience as you embrace the radical individual inside you that attracted you to liberal causes in the first place.

Because some things simply transcend party lines, when in front of that Early Voting touch screen, I stood there as an American first, and voted for George W. Bush. This nation, our lives, and the lives our children require nothing less.

I explain to detractors and supporters alike that President Bush is the man who will keep this nation safest.

The president and I hold dramatically divergent views on a number of social issues of importance to me, and yet for the 3,000 people who died on September 11th, abortion rights and same-sex civil unions mean absolutely nothing to them now.

These issues, while important to me and ones on which I will continue to speak out about, are luxuries in the face of a world war where the enemy is a stateless savage who hunts children and cuts off people's heads.

Read the article here.

Someone wrote me today and made a cogent observation:

Along with... [the] ability to think...comes the ability to change my mind on an issue once I've thought about it long and hard. Now that is a truly unusual thing...

I don't need to comment on my friends politics and in truth, they are irrelevant. What I do know, my friend is right.

Think before you vote.

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