Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Think you're unlucky in love?

No matter how rough a time you may have had, it couldn't have been as bad as this. And don't even mention 'commitment issues.'

From the
Guardian, no less.

50 years on, man reweds first of 52 wives

Love, they say, is blind. But marriage, it seems, can be a real eye-opener.

It certainly has been for Kamarudin Mohammed, whose search for the perfect partner led him a merry dance, and ended - happily - exactly where it started.

The 72-year-old admitted yesterday that he had tied the knot for a 52nd time and that his latest wife was the same woman he married when he first took the plunge nearly 50 years ago.

Read it all here.

Made me think of my first girlfriend, Abigail. I fell in love with her at age 7, after she used my Mr. Ed lunchbox to beat my nemesis, Harry, into submission.

It lasted until she used Harry's Howdy Doody Lunchbox (he inherited that from his sister, to beat me into submission.

I miss her.

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