Friday, October 22, 2004

The tangled webs woven

Is the head of the Log Cabin Republicans actually a Democrat?

In what may turn out to be a bombshell, there appears to be some evidence to back that claim up.

Log Cabin Political Director Christopher Barron headed up volunteer efforts for the John Edwards for President campaign for the Washington, DC area. Barron was hired by new Executive Director Patrick Guerriero as part of his management team. According to three different sources, Barron has separately confirmed his connection to the Edwards campaign in the past.

This was posted on the Gaypatriot website. These are serious charges.
All mention of Chris Barron and his comments on the John Edwards for President website mysteriously vanished just days before the start of the 2004 Republican National Convention. During that time period, Guerriero and Barron were attempting to work with moderates on the Republican platform committee to have a "unity plank" inserted into the GOP platform. It is entirely possible this effort was sabatoged because certain delegates found out that the lead political strategist for the national gay Republican organization was in fact a past operative of the 2004 Democratic Vice Presidential nominee.

You don't send a Democrat in to do what should be the work of a real Republican.

If these charges prove to be true- and the hard evidence seems to back that up-- the Democrats have stooped to new lows in deceit and fraud.

The article is a bombshell. Read it all here.

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