Saturday, October 23, 2004

Sheikh performs polygamous marriages, too

Muslims with up to 4 wives are becoming a problem in the UK. I wrote about here.

Turns out the rabid Jew and Christian hating Sheik Younus Kathrada encourages and performs such unions. On
this web site, there is application for both women and men to participate in ploygamous marriages.

Interestingly enough, on his
main web page, the good sheikh contends that he is a law abiding, good citizen.

On the matter of refusing to build bridges and heeding calls towards peace: I do believe that dialogue amongst people of different faiths and beliefs is healthy and beneficial. I am however opposed to any one group forcing their beliefs onto others. We may share our commonalities and differences so we have a better understanding of one another, however, I do not believe it is correct nor reasonable to expect others to accept, adopt and approve of any particular set of beliefs.

Except of course, Islam, as his repeated statements (recorded) have made clear. Jihad is to be waged offensively.

I guess the good sheikh wants to be left alone to keep performorming polygamous marriages, too. I suppose his words imply that he and his fellow Muslims are exempt from having to 'accept, adopt and approve of any particular set of beliefs.'- you know, like the LAW.

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