Thursday, October 14, 2004


China is making it's presence known in Africa. Oil it seems, is the resource that counts. China, never known for it's foreign aid, is cozying to up the African continent.

Beijing is substantially deepening its political and economic relations with Africa, largely in an effort to gain access to the continent's oil reserves and markets.

...China desperately needs oil to sustain its nine per cent-plus economic growth rate. This is driving Beijing's efforts to gain ground on the African continent, which now supplies 25 per cent of its oil imports. China became the second largest oil consumer in the world in 2004, with imports totalling more than 100 million tonnes (approximately 800 million barrels). China's requirements will continue to expand and this could lead it into direct competition with the US over access to the world's oil supplies.
Article is here.


As Iran goes nuclear, Al jazeera tries to make the case that Iran should go nuclear. The rationale? The NPT is 'out of touch' with reality.
"There is only a legal reason not to go nuclear - the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). "But the NPT is completely out of touch with reality and Iran may be close to opting out of it anyway."

Concerned over a perceived threat to its nuclear facilities, Tehran used a military parade marking the Iran-Iraq war to send its own message to Israel.

Iranian Persident Khatami says Iran doesn't want nuclear weapons.

Slogans draped over its ballistic missiles read "America will be crushed
under our feet" and "Israel will be wiped out".

Of course, it is all America's fault.

Yup, they make an excellent case for going nuclear. Article is here.

Also in Iran, according to Reporteurs sans Frontieres, journalists and editors of pro reform websites are being arrested.

Meanwhile, back at the Tehran Ranch, political jockeying is going on. It bears to see who comes out on top re next years elections. Here's a story on one of the frontrunners. This is not a nice guy and and his election will cause us grief.

Interfax is reporting on Russia-Iran 'cooperation' on terror. I'm not sure if that if that scares me or comforts me.

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