Friday, October 08, 2004

The other Iraq battlefield

As reported by AFP, we now under assault by 'experts,' telling us that the gains we've made in Iraq are really losses- and that our efforts there aren't good enough.

In addition, we are to blame for the looting that occured in Baghdad

Interference by the Pentagon delivered a massive blow to efforts to provide humanitarian relief for Iraq after last year's war, according to two US aid experts who struggled with the conflict's chaotic aftermath.

In trenchant criticism, the pair say the Department of Defense alienated aid workers, misjudged the scale of looting that wrecked Iraq's health service and sent out bureaucrats who only served to complicate matters.

It gets better-- some NGO's felt the Pentagon threatend their 'neutrality'.

Many of these agencies distanced themselves, fearful that their reputation for neutrality would be compromised on the ground if they had to work with occupying troops..

Further, no mention is made of terror attacks against the Iraqi infrastucture:

...That crisis was worsened by chronic insecurity, hours-long power cuts and lack of sanitation...

Nor was nay mention made of the UN cutting and running after their headquarters was bombed.

...They had little field experience in relief operations, many were ignorant of functions, charter and capabilities of UN agencies, Red Cross organisations or NGOs, and they simply created another unnecessary level of

The article is a biased outrage. We have commited billions to the rebuilding of Iraq- and now, we are subject to partisan 'critique' before an election.

The article is here.

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