Friday, October 01, 2004

My two cents and the debate

After an hour into the debate, it came to me.

If you could judge a winner and loser by reading the debate, the President won hands down.

If you watched the debate, it's hard to say Mr. Kerry didn't have a good night.

So there you have it. Mr. Kerry presented well. He really did.

There are no consequences to Mr. Kerry's flights of fantasy. Old Europe will not back him in Iraq- they have already publicly taken that position. His predilictions toward appeasement are at best outdated and irrelevant. Mr. Kerry can say anything that pops into his handlers heads.

Yes, Mr. Kerry can say anything he wants. He doesn't have to deal with reality. He can pretend he's smarter, has better ideas and his hindsight is really foresight.

There are no consequences to his poorly reasoned ideas and deliberate misinterpretations, all crafted to make Mr. Kerry seem more appealing.

The President on the other hand, did the one thing Mr. Kerry didn't and couldn't do- he told it like it is. As in everything else in life, there are realities in life that aren't so pretty. How we deal with these realities are the true measure of character.

In other words, these aren't debates between equals. It was a debate between a the man in the driver's seat and the Monday morning quarterback.

Wandering Mind

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