Saturday, October 09, 2004

Late morning coffee

With todays cup of Joe...

BunkerMulligan is all over the map, with an especially good collection this morning. I liked his Afghan vote piece. I don't know why--it just struck me. He also comments on the Fox News anniversary. They like Bunker at Fox. He gets responses to emails from the on air celebs. All I ever get are offers for free business cards, Canadian drugs and umm..enhancers.

Sherry at
Bittersweet has a killer photo on a young Afghani girl voting-- you've probably seen it, but it just hits me.

Marvin, at
LittleRedBlog is to the races today, in support of a Colorado candidate named Coors, of all things. I shall refrain from making the obvious observations. Marving was kind enough to reference to a post of mine, Immoral Outrage, to which he makes an interesting observation and comment about Islam, called "I am Thirsty". Marvin, one day Haloscan will work for us.

Marvin gets a whole paragraph because he's knows a guy named COORS-- and I'm off to Denver in a few weeks. 'Nuff said.

SpeakingMyMind has a great post on the Aussie election. He links to results and I suspect he'll have more to say on the election.

Unlike my wordy self,
BrainShavings hits Charlie Gibson where it hurts in a few short and precise words for last nigh's cheap shot by the ABC moderator. I'm just starting to read that blog-- I like it.

Wandering Mind

may not be suitable for political vegans