Sunday, October 03, 2004

Killing in the name of God

It's in the culture, society and religion.

In the religion.

And no one is doing a damn thing about it. They excuse it, justify it and apologize for it. It is a good article, with the requisite attempt at 'balance.'

From the Chicago Tribune

"He went out that day like any young man," said his father, Basheer, who was stunned to learn of his son's ambition and even more shocked when he heard of his fate. "I was out when I heard the loudspeakers of the mosque announcing, "We give you good news. The virgins of paradise are happily receiving the new groom, the martyr Ismail Maasawabi."

He lived in a world of poverty, despair and ignorance where myths are spun from the yarn of rumor, forming a cloak of conspiracy and distortion that blankets the Arab world and makes truth as elusive as peace.

"I lost the most precious thing on this Earth," said Maasawabi's father, Basheer, interviewed in his humble second-floor apartment here.

At prayers and in the pages of time-honored books, Maasawabi discovered that his faith, Islam, once dominated much of the world, extending from Asia to Spain. Muslim scholars followed Islamic troops, spreading their advanced and refined skills in the arts and sciences. Islamic scholars, he would learn, not only enhanced the knowledge base of the ancient Greeks and Persians, they also incorporated the use and production of writing paper from China and reigned supreme in an era in which they viewed Europeans as non-believing barbarians.

"The secular regimes, not just in Palestine but all over the Arab world, have proven their failure economically, politically, culturally, administratively, socially and militarily," said Rantisi, interviewed in 2003. He became the top Hamas leader in Gaza earlier this year and was assassinated weeks later by the Israeli government.

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