Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Java Muslim militants force closure of Catholic school

In another example of the war we really are fighting, this.

A Catholic school was forced to shut down- but not before being attacked.

Lovely-- just bloody lovely.

In the face of threats by a large band of armed Muslim extremists, the nun in charge of St Bernadette's Catholic compound in a small village 35 km west of Jakarta was forced to close down its church and school.

"When the attack came early in the morning no one could resist the aggressors. We had to obey", Sr Anselma, one of the Sisters of the Child Jesus, told AsiaNews.

Sr Anselma said that in Sunday's attack Muslim militants from the Islam defender Front (Front Pembela Islam or FPI) stormed the compound brandishing weapons and ordered the nuns to close down the Sang Timur(the Child Jesus) church and school.The FPI accuses Catholics of proselytising because they have been using the school's sport hall as a makeshift church for the past ten years.

Article is here.

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