Friday, October 22, 2004

Iraq, Che, harems and hate

Naturally, the Baathist's in Iraq enjoy left wing support.

With Che Guevara, we affirm that "imperialism has a head, the United States", and that it should be cut off! The USA is the enemy of mankind. The re-establishment of world Peace, of the fraternity of the peoples and civilizations implies the destruction of the Yankee imperialism and its accomplices: America Delenda Est!

The Iraq Committees are open to all those who want to support actively the Iraqi Resistance against the yankee occupation and to take part in the constitution of a radical anti-American force, wherever they come from, and united in a strategy of unitary Front.

The Baathist's solidarity and planning meetings took place in Lebanon- a meeting that could only have taken place with the full cooperation of Syria, the defacto rulers of Lebanon.
The Ba’ath Party is in a very good health and leads the most honorable and most dignified battle of the Arab Nation under the supervision of Comrade Izzat al Duri, elected president of the Party after its late secret Congress in Lebanon.

The Ba’athist position is clear: No negotiations with the US under the Occupation, the only dialogue between them and us are the dialogue of arms and resistance. There is a large national, patriotic, and Progressive Front, which is participating with the Ba'ath in the Resistance Battle, which provide them with the necessary means. The so-called Sunni Triangle is a term invented by the enemy to sow division in amongst Iraqi people; Resistanceis in every province of Iraq.

The interview with the Iraq leader is here.

In Great Britain, Muslim men seen to face no hurdles in assembling a harem of up to 5 women. According to the Times, "Muslim men use law loophole to get a harem of 'wives'.
UP TO 4,000 British Muslim men have entered into polygamous marriages, some of them keeping as many as five wives, according to senior religious figures.

They have taken advantage of a loophole in the laws against bigamy by going through a "nikah" ceremony at a mosque rather than registering the marriages officially.

Many are avoiding the expense and obligations of divorce, but an estimated 2,000 or more are men who wish to exercise their "right", according to traditional interpretations of the Koran, to have as many as four wives.

Heck of deal. I can't even get a phone number, lately.
In extreme cases, women brought from abroad, notably from Bangladesh, to marry a British Muslim have been victims of so-called honour killings by their families after being sent home when the relationship has failed.

The entire article is here.

On a personal note, I can't really understand the long term benefits of polygamy. Not unless you really enjoy a little 'whine with dinner.' I mean, it's only a matter of time before wife 2 complains that, "but you told me you love me more than her.." and so on. Manageable perhaps, but factor in wives 3 and 4...The inevitable 'We need to talk' takes on a depth heretofore not even contemplated by this blogger.

On a more serious note, an Imam in a Candadian mosque actually defends himself for his disparaging of Jews and Americans. The leader of the Vancouver mosque,

Sheik Younus Kathrada tells an audience all real Muslims want to be martyred. "It is inconceivable that a true believer will not desire martyrdom," Kathrada says.

...Kathrada tells his audience the Qur'an and its accompanying writings view Jews as treacherous people with whom Muslims will engage in an apocalyptic battle. "The prophet... said the final hour will
not be established until such time as the Muslims will battle and will fight
against the Jews," Kathrada says.

...But he defended his characterization of Jews as treacherous monkeys and pigs. "I guess no rougher than what is used against us," Kathrada said. "It's in our Qur'an."

...Rudwan Khalil Abubaker, also known as Rudwan Khalil, regularly attended the Dar al-Madinah mosque along with his brother Amir.

Russian authorities identified Khalil as one of four men killed in a skirmish with Chechen rebels earlier this month. They displayed his Canadian passport and B.C. driver's licence and claimed he was an explosives expert...

Make no mistake, Christians are not held in higher esteem.

"I have no problem with calling the Christians and the Jews and those who are not Muslims kuffar. They are kuffar and if they die in that state they will abide in the hellfire forever. I don't care what anyone else says."

"When we hear the kuffar today and they start attacking the think immediately of their double standard.

"When the United States, for example, sees a land that poses a threat to them, what do they do? Don't they attack that land? And what is their justification? That they want to establish peace on Earth..."

"I ask you by Allah, will peace and security ever be established if Islam is not the religion that is practised? It will never be established...

I wish him many, many wives, and a long, long life.

And while he happily married to his harem, Let's see if the Canadian government will apply its hate laws with equal enthusiasm to Muslim preachers as it does to Christian clergy.

Read about it, here and here.

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