Sunday, October 10, 2004

Help is on the way

Help is on the way, and it's not just a political slogan. The Israeli secret service, the Mossad has the Jihadis in their sights.

The Israeli government has ordered the Mossad, Israel's foreign intelligence service, to make the hunt for Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda members its top priority after last Thursday's Sinai attacks that killed at least 33 people, including at least 11 Israeli tourists.

Now that the Mossad is getting involved, the EU seems to be a bit less timid. In a short news release, the EU's top dog in the Middle East is saying the Israeli barrier is a success in reducing an preventing terror.

EU Diplomat says Israeli Wall a Success
Otte, has conceded that the controversial wall being built by Israel in the West Bank has stopped Palestinian extremists from carrying out suicide attacks in Israel. His comments, made in an interview with Financial Times Deutschland, make him the first high-level EU diplomat to publicly say that the barrier has fulfilled its aim

He goes on to say he doesn't like the wall, but hey-- it's not like the EU diplomat has family under fire.

On other news, the Pakistanis still hold the lead in the 'Bomb Houses of Worship' competition. This just happened this morning.

At least seven people have been killed after a suicide bomber shot his way in to a Shi'ite Muslim mosque in the Pakistani city of Lahore and detonated his explosives, a Shi'ite leader has said.

A local resident quoted witnesses as saying that a man opened fire on a security guard who tried to stop him entering the mosque, then blew himself up inside.

That was round two. In yesterday's competition, 39 were killed.

African Muslims are getting on board. In Nigeria, Islamic 'rebels'-- nice to identify yourself as having a political agenda instead of a religious one-- raided a police station, and took the police 'hostage'. Can beheadings be far behind?

Well folks, just another day in Paradise.

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