Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Grand Hypocrisy from the Grand Imam

What a nice man Dr. Mohammad Sayed Tantawi must be.

The leader of Al Ahzar University, the Islamic equivalent of Harvard, asks us to pay heed to his lofty 'ideals.'

In KUNA press release issued today, the remarks the venerable Imam made are reported on:

...‏ Dr. Mohammad Sayed Tantawi stressed Saturday that Islam renounces ‏all acts of terrorism and killing being executed under its name.‏

... Dr. Tantawi said that all the divine religions condemn ‏the killing and terrorizing of innocent people, demanding the perpetrators to ‏stop linking between Islam and their crimes.‏

He indicated that for over 14 centuries Islam has been a religion that calls for peace and refuses aggression. It also defines the reasons of jihad, ‏which should only be for self defense, protecting ones land, money, belief and ‏honor.

Which can reasonably meant to mean anything Muslims want it to be.

Now this 'moderate' has also said,

"...that bombers who blow themselves up to avenge aggression are martyrs as along as they do not plan to kill the weak. Or if they confine their operations to places where there are aggressors from Jews."

He was answering a question on whether Palestinian bombers are suicides or martyrs.

"Those who blow themselves up among aggressors, who demolish houses, kill men, women and innocent people and assault honour and property of Palestinians, are martyrs," he said.

He said "Chivalry, gallantry and honor in Islamic Sharia prohibit one from blowing himself up among children. But suppose that he (the bomber)enters a settlement and this Jewish settlement includes proven aggressors and blows himself up inside that settlement killing men, women and children, he is still a martyr because he could not make a distinction among them."

I'm not sure I understand the Grand Imam's logic.

If it is alright to blow up women, children and the elderly because they may be 'aggressors,' surely the learned Imam understands that the Israelis are playing by Islamic rules.

Hiding among and behind women, children, the elserly and the infirm, is a long and time honored Arab tradition. Saddam, taking children hostages, the kidnappings in Iraq of civilians, and of course, Beslan.

What are the Israelis doing that isn't conforming with Islamic riles of war? Surely they should be credited for fighting in an Islamically sanctioned manner? So what if a few innocents get killed?

Of course, killing Americans is also alright with the Grand Imam.

The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Sheikh Mohamed Sayyed Tantawi Saturday, February 22, ruled that attempts to stop a U.S. aggression on Iraq is "Jihad” (holy war), and resisting such an attack is a "binding Islamic duty".

Al-Azhar Imam also hoped that "Allah may bestow His victory (against all aggressors) on the Iraqi people", pointing out that it is "a religious duty to side with Iraq against any aggression to befall it". He said that resisting an unjustifiable attack on any Muslim country is "Jihad and an Islamic duty"...He added that “death while defending Iraq is a kind of martyrdom”, as it comes in the defense of a Muslim land against aggressor enemies.

For a better idea of who the Grand Imam is, and some his Grand Beliefs, see this, from MEMRI and then see this, for some direct quotes. Personally, I think this says it all:
"On January 1, 1956, the Islamic Religious Ruling Committee at AL-Azhar published its historic 'Fatwa’ [religious ruling] regarding the signing of peace with Israel and cooperation with colonialist states who supported it and who [still] support its criminal aggression. The 'Fatwa’ stipulates: 'peace with Israel, so-called by those who have an interest in it, is forbidden by the Islamic religious ruling, because it allows the plunder to keep his loot and recognizes this plunderer’s right to it..."
The MEMRI piece goes on to translate some clarification of what the Grand Imam of the Grand Religion of Peace means, despite disagreeing with him:

A group of Al-Azhar religious leaders rejected Sheik of Al-Azhar's meeting with the Israeli rabbi. According to the religious leaders the meeting constitutes a breech of the national Ijma'a [consensus] and a violation of the religious rulings of the Islamic Research Academy... who since 1936 and until 1988 have forbidden negotiating with the oppressive Jews by other means than the weapon of 'Jihad' until they disappear from the face of the earth.

In case there is any misunderstanding about the Grand Imam's and his co-religionists meaning, let's be clear. From Bat Yeor, leading authority on Islam:

"Jihad is a war which would be described as genocidal today, since it orders men to be massacred and women and children to be enslaved, if there is resistance. These rules were applied during the twentieth century and continue up to the present day in Southern Sudan with the enslavement of the wives and children of rebels."

The article on Jihad, Dhimmitude and the Grand Imam Tantawi is not long. I urge you to read it here.

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