Thursday, October 07, 2004

Eyes wide shut

Apparently, blowing up religious gatherings and Houses of Worship is a sport in Pakistan-- the latest example having occured today. At least 40 people have died and over one hundred injured in a car/motorcycle attack.

Of course, by now everyone has heard of the hotel bomb blast in Taba, Egypt, that killed at least 35 and wounded at least 100 Israelis.

The rape and slaughter in Darfur by the Arab militia Janjaweed goes on, with no end in sight. To date, up to 50,000 thousand have been killed and over a million displaced.

FGM is still a reality in the Muslim world. There are 135 million women that have undergone the barbaric procedure-- and over 2 million more at risk. The good news is that there are feminists working on the problem as we speak. They've organized another conference to discuss the matter.

No matter, though.

What is really important to the Muslim world are the Israelis and the Palestinian Intifadah. For some reason, that trumps everything else.

Well, at least they're acting on the matter. At a conference in Bahrain, Muslims all over the world are being called to stand in solidarity with their Palestinian co-religionists. Naturally, a Hamas leader spoke and of course, money is being solicited for 'charitable' purposes.

After all, what greater problem does the Muslim world have?

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