Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Debate Redux

As in too many things, perception matters.

Like the presidential debate, I think anyone who actually reads a transcript of the proceedings, would come away with a far different impression than one given by the media.

After seeing the Vice Presidential debate, I do think Mr.Cheney came across well, very well.

Mr Edwards, I believe, came across as I expected-- a trial lawyer trying to get as many points in as he could in a limited amity of time-- his objective being to influence and overwhelm the jury, if you will. Here in North Carolina, John Kerry's style is well known and almost universally dismissed. As in his famous trial work, Mr. Edwards has a reputation for saying what has to be said to 'win the case' and then move on to the next case and the next big payday.

Therein is Mr. Edwards weakness, for all to see.

Governance in not a trial, with a start date, finish date and the predictable courtroom rules and decorum. Juries, in closed courtrooms, are told only to focus on one thing and one thing only-- the case at hand.

Responsible government is about long term planning and ongoing stewardship of policies and ideas, commitment and the ever present 'firefighting.' Mr. Edwards has proven woefully inept. As Mr. Cheney said, Mr. Edwards could not even manage to spend that much time in the Senate, let alone vote.

It is easy for Mr. Edwards to attempt to try a case after the fact, an endeavor he should have succeeded in this evening-- and yet he didn't. Simply reciting a litany of 'would have, should have and could have,' isn't enough to qualify one's leadership abilities.

Mr. Edwards really failed in his attempt to qualify himself as a potential leader. He could not refer to his Senate record nor could he could not refer to his record as a trial attorney. In that arena, Mr. Edwards has consistently relied on questionable science, deliberate and knowing misrepresentations and has used his considerable talent to 'emote' to his juries.

While perfectly acceptable, if not highly principled, in the courtrooms, that kind of record is woefully inadequate as credentials to serve as Vice President of the United States.

His public 'jury' here in North Carolina has been less than impressed with Mr. Edwards.

Like I said, read the transcripts.

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