Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Child of Hate

She was a child of hatred-- hated by her own.

This young child was sacrificed on the Altar of Deceit.

And those around her, will continue to celebrate death.

From Chron Watch

Who really killed Iman al-Hamas (Yes, that is her real name)?

Iman was a 13 year old girl, walking in an area of the Gaza Strip completely closed off to any entrance by any Palestinians yesterday (Oct 5). While the Palestinians say she was walking home from school, there is no school anywhere nearby. She walked right up to the perimeter of an Israeli army installation, took off her school bag, and threw it at the soldiers or at the fence. The soldiers opened fire and she was hit by 20 bullets. She was killed instantly. The PLO and its Jewish leftist amen chorus is screaming cold-blooded murder.

They are right. It was cold-blooded murder. Iman was murdered by the PLO and its Jewish leftist amen chorus. Why? Because the PLO, ensconced in the Gaza Strip and West Bank thanks to the Jewish Left, has fostered a situation where 13 year old Palestinian children are routinely recruited for terror activities, including suicide bombings. Because the PLO and its leftist supporters have created a situation where it is entirely plausible for reasonable people seeing a child approach an army installation to suspect that the child is engaged in terror. Because the PLO has conducted nonstop terror atrocities over the past 12 years of Oslo peace, in which bombs inside schoolbags and other parcels are routinely thrown at Jews.

In Imans schoolbag there were only books. She became yet another martyr murdered in cold-blood by the PLOs terror and the Oslo mega-stupidity.

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