Friday, October 01, 2004

Barack Obama differs with Kerry on Iran and Pakistan

Barack Obabma, featured speaker at the Democrat Convention, doesn't quite see eye to eye with his party's nominee for President. It would appear he has a better grip on reality than Mr. Kerry

Mr. Obama will not rule out missile strikes on Iran. He also said he would not tolerate Paksitan with nuclear weapons, in the event Persident Musharraf is overhrown.

Mr. Obama tries to make his beliefs consistent with those of Senator Kerry's, but after last night's debate, the differences in opinion are quite evident

While I'm no fan of Mr. Obama's politics, I do respect his honesty.

Of all places, this story comes from the World Socialist Web Site

Democratic keynote speaker Barack Obama calls for missile strikes on Iran

In an interview with the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune published eptember 26, Democratic Senate candidate Barack Obama said he would favor the use of "
surgical" missile strikes against Iran if it failed to bow to Washington’s demand that it eliminate its nuclear energy program. Obama also said that, in the event of a coup that removed the Musharraf regime in Pakistan, the US should attack that nation’s nuclear arsenal.

Answering his own question, Obama said, "
I hope it doesn’t get to that point. But realistically, as I watch how this thing has evolved, I’d be surprised if Iran blinked at this point."

bama advanced a racist argument for attacks on Iran and Pakistan. Making a comparison between the "Islamic world" and the Soviet Union, he argued that the religious outlook of Iranians and Pakistanis made them less prone to compromise and reason and more warlike.

Comrade, read the article here.

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