Thursday, October 28, 2004

"Are you a journalist? If you are, I will cry"

A seriously ill Yasser Arafat is headed to Paris for medical treatment.

Now, the look back at the old warrior has begun. What is being said by the Arab and regional press is an example of what we can look forward to. Of course, after he really is gone, the questions of where all the money went can be asked, without the pesky annoyance of being respectful to the old thief on his deathbed.

There are some metaphors in real life that can't be beat. Under the tutelage of Arafat, the Palestinians have morphed into the
caricature of the 'despairing' victims.

Abdel Nasser, a passenger in a beat up car hurtling through the darkened Ramallah streets to Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's Mukata Wednesday night, grimaced when asked whether he would cry if he died.

"Are you a journalist?" he asked a reporter on the way to Arafat's compound. The reporter's answer was in the affirmative. "Then, yes, I will cry." He then grinned. "But if you are not a journalist, then no, I won't cry.

..."it is better for the Palestinians and for Arafat that as a leader" he exits the scene.

Turns out, Arafat's legacy is already being tarnished. From the Saudi controlled Arab News:

For almost four decades Arafat has symbolized both the best and worst of Palestinians...

He also symbolized some of the worst aspects of the Palestinian struggle that, many believe, have contributed to the tragedy that Palestine is today. His reluctance to delegate authority and his insistence that he should control all the levers of power have had the result of reducing the entire Palestinian struggle, its government, its political organizations and socials movements to a one-man show. Whatever his intentions, the result has been nepotism, corruption and denial of rights to his people. There have been times when one got the impression that the Palestinian people were under a double occupation.

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