Wednesday, October 27, 2004


News reports late this evening are reporting on a critically ill Yasser Arafat. His wife, Suha, is reportedly leaving her beloved Paris (and boyfriend) to be by his side.

True or not this time, the effect will be the same when Arafat dies.

The man responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in Lebanon, Jordan and Israel, will not be remembered for his corruption, deceit and lies. Nor will he be remembered for leading the Palestinians down the road to nowhere, despair, economic ruin and moral decay.

No, he will be remembered as some kind of hero. He will be remebered as the father of modern day terror and the man who ordered the murder of Cleo Noel and Curtis Moore, American diplomatic envoys to Khartoum, Sudan, just as he ordered the death of innocents in a kindergarten and took delight in blowing school buses, years ago.

And he will be eulogized by our 'friends,' the Saudis, Egyptians and all the Gulf countries and Emirates-- indeed, the whole region. He will hailed as a 'Statesman' who won the Nobel Prize.

Why? Because as so often reported in the Arab press, Arafat was at the forefront of the self proclaimed Muslim destiny to 'complete what Hitler started,' as they say in the own words.

It was all about killing Jews and those who defended and supported them. The voices of the clerics are heard daily, repeating those very words and ideas.

Was it about land, or the Palestinians? Nope, never was.

Imagine a football field. Imagine a matchbook in one corner of that football field. That is the actual relative size of Israel in comparison to the entire Arab world.

And that my friends, is the one thing Arafat and the entire Arab world don't want you to think about.

As a society, they have failed, by every standard of measurement.

The deaths, destruction and misery Arafat and his allies have caused all over the world, have been an incalculable drain on the progress of man in a civilized society.

They celebrated 9/11 and soon, they will mourn his death.

That is Arafat's legacy. That is what he cultivated.

It is the function of evil to turn good into evil, and evil into good. That Yasser Arafat did with joy and purpose.

That is what we saw before and after 9/11, and that legacy continues on today.

There will no resting in peace for Arafat. Not in this world or the next.

Wandering Mind

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