Saturday, September 18, 2004

Upon on honest reflection

Paulie, over at The Commons, has written a superb piece on 'evil.'

Gracious as ever, he has been kind enough to refer to me as a 'colloberating author.'

We did exchange correspondence and at his request, I commented on his original draft.

In truth, the effort and final result are Paulie's. If my few words served his efforts, I am grateful. I am as much a beneficiary of his work as everyone else will be.

This is a relevant piece for our times and the world we live in. Not all will agree with his ideas and interpretations. It is however thought provoking and stimulating.

And that, when you read the piece, is the idea.

"I have been pondering “Why Do the Terrorists Hate Us” since September 11. I’ve heard all the arguments, and none of them add up. The US being what we are doesn’t foster terrorism: in fact, it instills a sense of hope in the millions and millions who are immigrants or who aspire to be immigrants. The Islamist terrorists are not the poor and downtrodden, per se. Their leaders are among the elites of their societies, and many are the scions of princes and potentates who swell the ranks of the jihadist movements. No, the terrorists are the products of a corrupt system, and the system is not the American one. The events in Russia, and the capture and intimidation of even the French, weigh decidedly against the position that America has caused terrorism...

But what, then, has inspired such evil in the hearts of these men and women? It is an important question whose answer we must understand in order to fight back effectively. Let’s not forget for a moment that our opponents declared this war upon us a decade ago, and have been attacking us deliberately these many years...

Disrespect to Marxists, Communists, Socialists, and Moral Relativists is intended; disrespect to liberals in general is not. As CS Lewis explains, there is much in Christianity and the message of Jesus that sounds a lot like Socialism. What is different between the Socialists and other collectivists, is the removal of God from society, the removal of free will and individual responsibility from the citizens of collectivist societies, and the subsequent coercive and totalitarian nature of Socialism. (Please do a google on Hayek.)...

To put a finer point on it on man's obligations: There are no benchmarks for redemption that exceeds each individual's capacity. Redemption for one may be very different for the redemption of another. The common denominator of redemption is however, the idea that redemption is personal. We cannot instill our benchmarks on others. When we try to do that, we negate the very love of God...

Muslims will tell you that the Quran is the first religious revelation that protects women, and can quote various passages in support of that. This is akin to reading the Constitution of the former Soviet Union. A beautiful document, but negated by the reality of life in the Soviet Union. Religions are viewed by the actions of their adherents. Current Islamic realities speaks volumes of how Islam treats women..."

Read the piece.

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