Sunday, September 19, 2004

Right,'s so hard to know

Today's moral scorecard:

Arab League rejects threat to impose sanctions on Sudan

The Arab League (AL) on Sunday renewed its rejection of any threat to impose sanctions on Sudan, warning that such a move would never help resolve the crisis in the western Sudanese region of Darfur.

Sudan Says Disappointed, Resentful of U.N. After Resolution

"Sudan has suffered sanctions too but it has also been able to continue
it's path in all aspects in life and this will happen again," he said.

Omar disputed the estimated numbers of those killed by violence, famine or disease, which the U.N. estimates could be as high as 50,000.

"There are people who died there (but) nobody has numbers for that.There is no agency which could speak the real number but we know it is very small compared with what people are saying now," he said.

After years of skirmishes between African farmers and Arab nomads over scarce resources in arid Darfur, rebels took up arms last year, accusing Khartoum of supporting Arab militias, known as Janjaweed, to loot and burn African villagers and drive them off their land.

On the flip side:

Ethnic Cleansing in Sudan Is Still Genocide

A Survivor of Earlier Sudan Crisis Thanks Jews for Support

"Why are the Jewish people one of our few friends in the world?" asked James Morgan at an interfaith rally organized by the Canadian Action Committee for Darfur, in collaboration with Canadian Jewish Congress, Quebec Region.

Morgan stressed that Arab militiamen, known as the Janjaweed, have been systematically killing, starving, raping and forcing hundreds of thousands to flee Sudan on orders from the government, which, he said, has a plan to exterminate the black race and non-Muslims. He insisted that the conflict is not a suppression of rebellion or tribal warfare.

...insisted that what is happening is "absolute genocide... This is not about wild gangs out of control. This is a government operation to Arabize a black land, a deliberate political effort... It’s that simple and grotesquely evil." is an "obscenity" that Sudan continues to sit as part of a four-nation African group on the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

Israel Foreign Ministry encouraging US Jews to assist in Sudan

Israel, often a leader in extending humanitarian aid around the world, is limited in its ability to help in this situation because Sudan is a fundamentalist Islamic state implacably hostile to Israel, and neighboring Chad- where some 200,000 refugees have fled- is one of just a handful of non-Arab countries around the world with which Israel does not have diplomatic relations. Chad severed diplomatic ties with Israel in 1972. In 1988 Chad recognized "the State of Palestine." which maintains a mission in the country's capital, N'Djamena.

Of the Conflict in Sudan, Rabbi Vows 'Never Again'

You get the point.

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