Friday, September 10, 2004

Rather would rather not ***UPDATE***


CBS, it seems, is now publicly stating that there is no internal investigation and the MSM news organization is standing by the story-- which makes as much sense as passengers on the Titanic staying behind the doomed ship because they liked the music. See Pacetown for the latest update and relevant links.

Seems like Dan Rather is standing by his "60 Minutes story."

Rather would rather not investigate the allegations surrounding the newly disclosed documents relating to George W. Bush's Air Force Reserve service.

Notwithstanding the fact that CBS is conducting an investigation, Rather has displayed none of the scepticism that any good journalist should. Rather than wait for the facts to be determined, Rather has predetermined the outcome.

There was a time when journalistic integrity was the proud badge of good reporting. Now it seems, the only integrity Dan Rather is concerned with is his own. If journalistic integrity takes second place to his own, it is for all to see who the real Dan Rather is.

If Rather had displayed the facade of real integrity, he would wait before predeterming the outcome of the investigation and he would have waited before announcing what his response will be.

Indeed, if Mr. Rather were a real journalist instead of an agenda based hack (like it or not, that's what he's proven himself to be), he would be the first to express his concern, appearances be damned. He would display enough backbone and integrity to publicly say, "Let's get to the bottom of this. " Sadly, Dan Rather has displayed none of that integrity. His hubris is out there for all to see.

I can't say I blame him. His entire career is at stake, and thanks to blogshere, that truly democratic institution, his formerly armor plated perch has been upended.

I hope his retirement is a pleasant one.

No doubt, there will be a book, perhaps written with Al Gore (then again, maybe not. Dan Rather doesn't share the spotlight with anybody.), describing his decline and burial as the result of the hated blogshere.

There could be no finer epitath for Dan Rather.

As for the MSM, take heed. You will author what goes on your own tombstones.

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