Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Political Barometer of Repressive Regimes.

There are certain axiomatic truths in the world of the tyrant or despot.

As a rule, the more plentiful the public posters and portaits are, the more repressive the leader is.

Same can be said for the size of the poster or portrait of the 'leader.' The bigger the image, the more overbearing the 'president' or 'chairman' or 'king' really is.

It can also be said that almost every country that has a May Day or 'National Day' with a military parade (or'Shahids' on Parade'), also has a leader who has won an 'election' with over 90% of the vote.

And these are the countries that want to be our 'friends.' share our values and understand our pain and outrage at being targeted by terror.

Think about it.

With that in mind, see this.

Wandering Mind

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