Tuesday, September 07, 2004

One smart kid from Yale

One smart kid from Yale.

"Terrorism" is a description of a means, a method of deliberately attacking or threatening to attack civilian targets in order to achieve political goals. "Freedom fighting" is a description of an end, as a freedom fighter's goal is national liberation. An individual could participate in "terrorism" and "freedom fighting" simultaneously, because one word describes means, while the other describes ends. To say that a Palestinian suicide bomber is not condemnable as a terrorist because the bomber's cause is national liberation is to argue that the end justifies the means."

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It's really about a mindset, as Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Queria, makes quite evident.

"The Palestinian prime minister says a deadly Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip will surely lead to retaliation -- and it would be justified.

Ahmed Qureia says the attack that killed 14 Hamas militants is a "crime" and "no crime goes unpunished."

The attack came a week after Hamas suicide bombers blew up two buses in the Israeli city of Beersheba, killing 16 people."

Now let's see...Hamas deliberately targets civilians...and the Palestinian Prime Minister, says that attacking terrorists is a "crime." No mention as to why the terrorists were targeted at this time.

Oh yeah, sounds like a real 'moderate.' The article is here.

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