Thursday, September 09, 2004

One Nobel winner's view of multiculturalism

Via Michelle Malkin, here's what she refers to as a 'must read.'

SIR VIDIA NAIPAUL, the Nobel prize-winning author, has launched a fierce assault on multiculturalism in British society, arguing that immigrants must seek to assimilate into their host country.

In a magazine interview to be published this week, the author, who writes under the name V S Naipaul, calls multiculturalism absurd. He lambasts what he calls the benefits society and, opening a separate front, accuses Saudi Arabia of "wickedness", of financing terrorism and filling up brothels and gambling dens around the world.

...What do they call it? Multi-culti... It’s all absurd, you know. I think if a man picks himself up and comes to another country he must meet it halfway."

The author of A House for Mr Biswas and A Bend in the River added: "He can’t say, 'I want the country, I want the laws and the protection, but I want to live in my own way'. It’s wrong. It’s become a kind of racket, this multiculturalism. Jobs for the boys."

...All this comes from Saudi Arabian money," he says. "I don’t know who we are kidding. Here is this war on terror and it is being subsidised by an

In remarks likely to anger the Saudi Arabians even more, Naipaul adds: "It (Saudi Arabia) has contributed nothing to the world- it has just filled the gambling dens and brothels. They are not fine people, actually."

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