Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Old Europe, new danger

Now that we've seen Syria use chemical weapons in Sudan, it's hard to imagine why Europe is reluctant to call the goings on in Darfur, 'genocide.'

Even some Arab voices are decrying the reality in Darfur. Not that it matters to Old Europe. Anti Americanism, it seems, takes precedence over a few poor Africans. So much for that moral voice.

Europeans would have you believe it's a 'difference of opinion.'

It's not. Our differences are about moraliy.

France provided passports to Iraqis on the run.

France acted to shut down opposition to Saddam.

France gave Saddam US war plans.

French behavior at the UN.

Chirac as the two faced Degaulle.

EU as the European bully.

This has never been about politics.

It's about morality.

Wandering Mind

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