Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Now in canada, coming here here soon?

Funny thing about Sharia Law-- It seems, Muslims aren't too thrilled when it's actually imposed.

Muslims "disillusioned with Shari'a" in Nigeria

After twelve Northern Nigerian states since 2000 have introduced Islamic law, or Shari'a, the Muslim population majority is mostly disillusioned. They had hoped Shari'a courts would be better than Nigeria's old and discredited justice system, but many by now find that only the harsh aspects of Shari'a are implemented while generosity and compassion is overlooked, a new report says.

North Nigerian state governments and Shari'a courts had failed to respect international human rights standards, according to Peter Takirambudde of the US group Human Rights Watch. "They have also disregarded what many Muslims argue are key principles of Shari'a itself. They have concentrated on the harsh aspects of Islamic law while ignoring its principles of generosity and compassion," Mr Takirambudde added.

...people have been sentenced to death and dozens sentenced to amputation and floggings. The majority, according to the report "have been tried without legal representation" and many sentenced to amputation had been convicted on confessions extracted under torture by the police.

The report further highlights discrimination against women within the Shari'a legislation. Women had been especially affected in cases of adultery or extramarital sex, where standards of evidence differ for men and for women, and pregnancy is considered sufficient evidence to convict a woman. Judges had also "failed to investigate allegations of rape made by female defendants in adultery cases."

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