Tuesday, September 14, 2004

News from 'Old Europe'

Old Europe is back!

Finding a distinct European voice, here's what happening:

KLINGON news reports are being filed on a German website, according to an English press report.

Germany's equivalent of the BBC, DW, added the Star Trek language to the 30 tongues they publish stories in to mark 10 years on-line.

DW director Erik Bettermann said: 'The dialogue of cultures does not stop at the edge of the solar system. This is a cross-border language.'

Shakespeare is already available in Klingon.

Yup, this is for real. See it here.

Now, on a more serious note, Spain is delighted to be back in the fold with France and Germany.

Spain, France and Germany declare 'old Europe' alive and well

Leaders of Spain, France and Germany - all opposed to the Iraq war - declared the "old Europe" alive and well as they pledged to work together for a strong, unified continent and approve the new European Union constitution...

One of the problems the leaders said must be addressed is the pending reduction of EU development subsidies to Spain - once poor, now fairly prosperous. Last year Spain received US $19 billion, the most of any EU country. Zapatero wants the inevitable reduction to be gradual.

Ah, the money... seems Spain still wants the money.

Every country wants as much EU development funds as possible, Chirac said, but "unfortunately there are limits." Germany is the biggest net contributor, and France wants to keep all the farm aid it now receives.

Asked how Germany and France felt about that, Schroeder passed the question to Chirac while Zapatero stood between them with an uncomfortable smile.

Welcome to real world, Senor Presidente!

Read the article here.

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