Sunday, September 12, 2004

Little Red Bullseye

Little Red Blog's Marvin Hutchens has a short piece, "On Moral Equivalence and the Man in the Street." should be no surprise that the Muslim population of the Arab portions of the Middle East, also spent time reflecting on the date, which more than any other, now impacts our lives and theirs. What is troubling however, is that their reflections on September 11th, differs with our general view not in that it was horrible and wrong, an act of evil, terrible and damning for many who had sat back and watched as hatred grew among their brothers and in their mosques and schools.

There is a failure in their culture, their government and to a large extent their religion, that has excused their inability to self-criticize, and has led to the bigotry and hatred of an entire race and religion, and all who support it...

Marvin is right on the mark. Read it here.

Wandering Mind

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