Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Letter from Iranian students

Why can't the Iranian Mullahs be trusted? There are a lot of reasons, but the Iranian students do so, eloquently and precisely.

The Iran menace cannot be overstated.

A public address to the members of UN at the occasion of the 59th General

"...Your gathering's taking place on the symbolic "21st of September", known as the "International Peace Day". But more than ever, fanatic state guided hands of terror and obscurantism are taking innocent lives, by bombing or beheading, and are fueling regional turmoils in order to extend the illegitimate life of their primary repressive mastermind and backer...

Honorable members, as many of you are aware, right now, there is a country and a people seeking a dream. In this country, men and women are stoned because of the accusation of another. In this doomed land, underage girls are hanged to conceal the immoral acts of the officials. This is a place where your eye is gouged out or your hand cut off if you are accused of a false crime. Journalists here, instead of having freedom of the press, suffer the incarceration of body as well as their words. If you ask questions you will probably be beaten. If you refuse to answer questions you will probably be tortured. You may end up dying under mysterious circumstances. Even in death, your soul won't find peace. Your body will hang like fruit from some grisly tree or crane, reminding those close by, of cruel lessons of their masters...

The start of the "modern" violent jihad, aimed at progress and the west, began with the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. Let us all consider the mullahs' support of various terrorist groups. And this support comes at a time when over 70% of Iran's population live under the poverty line. It is devastatingly obvious that the primary concern of these mullahs is not Iran or Iranians; they just want to further their own cause at all costs. The Islamic regime has been certified as an Al Qaeda sanctuary, as backer of Islamic Jihad, as supporters of Hezbollah. The murderous mullahs have been wreaking havoc in Iraq and Afghanistan, meddling in Israeli Palestinian peace process, and interfering in Lebanon in hopes of "exporting their revolution" and expanding their rule and influence. At this point, shouldn't we all have learned that engaging the mullahs in "diplomacy", "constructive dialogue" or "nuclear deal" will bear no fruit?

By now, most of us know that Rafsanjani (the regime's powerful and corrupt man) in one of his Friday prayer sermons suggested that his regime with nuclear weapon would not hesitate to attack Israel, because after all, to paraphrase his speech, by doing so we will have ridden the world of half of the Jewish population. And if there is a nuclear response, only less than 1% of the Muslim population will be destroyed (Iran roughly 70 million constitutes less than 1% of Muslim population). This statement was received jokingly, and in tongue and chic by most people outside of Iran. That was then.

Today we find out that the Islamic regime is much closer to a nuclear bomb than ever before. Whether that statement was purely political rhetoric, or he was genuinely expressing Mullhacracy's foreign policy, either way, are we willing to take that risk? These mullahs have a tendency of creating trouble and being self-destructive. Let's give this matter the attention that it deserves....

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