Thursday, September 16, 2004

Laws and Meaning

A recent correspondence with a fellow Homespun Blogger, Paulie at The Commons pertaining to questions of good and evil, prompted me to write my previous post, The Law and the Left.

Although, 'I banged it out' as I usually do (I'm not one to rewrite or edit), I was left with the feeling that the piece was incomplete because I was somehow unable to convey a lot of what it was I wanted to say.

When I received an email from a different reader, asking me to clarify some of my thoughts, I decided to do just that. Inasmuch as I'm no expert on the Law or anything else for that matter, I thought I'd attempt to answer my new correspondent by way of example and idea.

We talk about the upcoming elections incessantly. We refer to the machinations of political parties and associated groups. What was never before seen, charges, counter charges, deceptions and deceit are now a matter of course.

Where politicians once talked about what they truly stood for has been replaced by electioneering and campaigning run by pollsters. What we hear is carefully crafted and packaged. We all know this of course, and we this accept of our candidates because we have to.

Politicking has become more of ceremonial than substantive

Is it any surprise then, that our politicking has descended into the depths and will no doubt go deeper?

In truth, most of us are tired of it all and resent it. Yet, it goes on and it's not just politics that has become so debased. What are 'politics' are a no more than preamble.

The tragedy in Beslan was inevitable. We have watched societies encourage, tolerate and justify escalating terror as a form of political expression. This isn't criminal violence for the sake of personal gain. It isn't even violence for the sake of political power. It is violence and destruction that serves no purpose, will provide no victory and will not bring about the changes the perpetrators hope for.

What made Beslan even more tragic is that we live in world with readily accessibility to information.

Today, in the beginning of the 21st century, 30,000 children a day die of preventable diseases. Other children are callously used as political fodder and are educated in hate and recruited by suicide bombers.

In Beslan, they were taken hostage not for their political value or worth. They were taken because they were an easy target, sure to garner the world's attention. Though the perpetrators and planners took a long time to set up their evil plot, in all that time, they never reconsidered.

That children died so tragically at the hands of a Russian Security Forces plan that went awry, should cause no moral outrage. The school was wired throughout with explosives and bombs by the terrorists. The lives of those children meant nothing to them. Their public threats made that very clear.

Let me be clear. Every child represents all that is possible within the universe. All our hopes, dreams and imagination are reflected in the face of a child. To negate that is to negate every pretense of humanity. To justify and call for the slaughter of children is an evil rarely seen. It was only a matter of time before terrorism led to the escalation.

In what has to to be one of the most incredible ironies of all, the perpetrators of these crimes as well their apologists are quick to refer to refer to their enemies as Nazi's. They deny the truest source of evil in history to date, and refer to the holocaust as hoax. With their attitudes, behavior and carefully poisoned societies, they have proudly laid claim to that evil themselves.

Weapons of Mass Destruction are really irrelevant, in a sense. Beslan, 9/11, Bali, terror in Israel and global terror are committed by individuals with no respect for even natural law of man- the sanctity of life.

Targeting children is a statement.

There are no more laws and there is nothing sacred. This is being taught, tolerated and justified by cultures and societies all over the world. They can dress it up in religion, they can talk about it in political terms, but that's what it is. There is no denying an obvious truth. There are societies, cultures and religions that have failed miserably and tragically, almost beyond redemption. Those societies ,cultures and religions are living in the past, and viewing themselves and their place in the world, in biblical terms, ancient and out of place. They deny current realities because they have failed in the arena of achievement.

The culture that cherishes and values it's children, focuses on children and their future. They do not focus on the past or ethnic hatreds. The money spent on our children is spent on schools, not weapons. A healthy culture does not teach teach it's children to hate. Healthy cultures and societies are anchored by families, not never ending hatred and calls to violence.

As to why, well, I'll leave that for the moment for others to ponder.

Perhaps the most difficult and poignant verses in the bible are prophetic.

After God has created a world of nature and and beauty. He sees his culminating creations, human beings, Adam and Eve, and then Cain, begin to destroy the order created out of the chaos.

At the time of the Great Flood, the world is full of violence, and evil.

The bible, in Genesis, goes on to say, "And God regretted that he had made man on earth and it grieved him to his very core."

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