Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Kerry, Vets and the numbers

A friend of mine just called me to relate a story about Kerry and the Vets.

It seems a gentleman who works in his office was at a local Veterans Hospital.

While he was waiting, he encountered an older veteran of WWII vintage,who had lost a hand. They struck up a conversation. When the topic turned to politics, the veteran told this gentleman that although he was a lifelong democrat, he was going to vote for George Bush.

When asked why, the veteran relayed the following.

John Kerry, he said, has done nothing but cut military spending. He has never shown the slightest interest in Veteran's affairs until now and that interest was tepid at best. He saw no reason why Mr. Kerry's positions would change after the mandatory election promises.

Further, the veteran said that it wasn't only those who served that have a hard time with Kerry.

It seems that veteran families do as well.

They believe that one way or the other, military cutbacks will filter down to veteran services-- which means that families would have to incur expenditures for healthcare and other programs they currently do not have to. Families he said, aren't happy with that prospect. As generations of veterans get older and health costs increase there is great fear in the famillies of those vets.

It may very well be that this particular worry in unnecessary. Nevertheless, that is the perception among veterans.

That said, the vet related that it wasn't just his vote Kerry wouldn't get-- there were four or five family members that would vote for President Bush as well, for the reasons I mentioned.

Now do the math. How many veterans, how many family members...?

I hope BunkerMulligan and the guys over at The Commons chime in-- they are more recent vets or still active. I know Bunker has sons in service.

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