Thursday, September 09, 2004

Kerry, Bush and taking a step back

An email from a friend caused me to pause and reflect on this election cycle, ad campaigns and 'journalism.' I can't say I've come to a definitive conclusion, but that the correspondence has struck a chord with me.

It is said that all is fair in love, war and politics. While that may be so, I'm not so sure it's right.

Neither is my friend.

"...I am ashamed of my country right now...I think it's better to let those who have served fight this battle. But oh, it irks me that a chance to heal these wounds is being used as a way to divide this country and half the population is going along with it. Something bad happened 35 years ago, and then it was put away without proper discussion and many of the men who suffered through it died in the time since and some by their own hands. Now there is a chance to give the surviors a chance to find closure but they are being abused by their fellow Americans again.

Worth thinking about.

Wandering Mind

may not be suitable for political vegans