Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Illegal Syrians, Afghans caught trying to enter Europe

Syrians, Afghans attempt to 'get to Europe.'

There has been a new wave of illegal immigrants these last few days from Syria and Afghanistan crossing over through the occupied areas to the free areas. Seven Syrians and six Afghans were arrested for illegal entry into the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. Upon questioning, they mentioned that they aimed to get to Europe.

The Syrians were arrested on Saturday by the Dekelia British Base Police and then were turned over to the Cyprus Police. Police investigations revealed that four out of the seven Syrians had also been arrested in the past and deported, while their names had been included in the list of names of persons who are forbidden entry into the Republic of Cyprus. Besides, in the same afternoon, police officers from the Pyla checkpoint arrested two Afghans, while a while later, UNFICYP men turned over to the Republic another four Afghans. All six Afghans have no travel documents.

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