Thursday, September 09, 2004

Good reading

Really good stuff over at BunkerMulligan's today.

He's has a post on the
character of the President. Make sure to read the links he has posted.

There's another really good post on
Islam. Bunker has some selected quotes and very good insight into the modern day collective Islamic mindset. He comments clearly on the course of action that must be taken in the Middle East and his logic is hard to dismiss.

"Poverty isn't the cause of this war, but ignorance certainly plays a part.
However, education can't happen without a stability that includes the
opportunity to learn more than rote memorization of the Quran and Hadiths. Our republic wasn't built by illiterate farmers, but men of learning, with solid schooling in history. Muslims in the region have almost no concept of history except that taught in madrassas, save those in the upper classes who have attended shools in the west. And they cannot share that knowledge due to sharia law-- it is heresy. And the history learned is false. Openness is all that will allow truth to reach them."

Given that the recent UN education survey put the Arab world at the bottom of the global education heap, Bunker's assessment is spot on.

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