Monday, September 20, 2004

Friends doing it

'Friendly' espionage on the rise, experts say

A highly respected U.S. State Department official was arrested last week, suspected of passing secret government documents to Taiwanese intelligence agents. And earlier this month, word leaked that the FBI is investigating a Pentagon official for possibly providing classified information to Israel.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation regularly updates a closely held list of the countries that threaten national security due to espionage operations. "The top five countries on that list are China, Israel, Russia, France, and North Korea. Others include Cuba, Pakistan, and India," says
an official close to the FBI.

The latest unclassified information — a 2000 report prepared for Congress by the National Counterintelligence Center — lists the "most active collectors" against the U.S. as China, Japan, Israel, France, Korea, Taiwan, and India. And, experts say, Al Qaeda conducts espionage here as well.

Of course, the U.S. isn't above snooping on its friends and foes either. Just a couple of years ago, France deported two Americans accused of conducting espionage there.

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