Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The French are in trouble now

What we've all suspected all these years is true.

Things aren't quite as propre en France as we thought.

Garçon! You're slow, surly and at last you've admitted it

In a mea culpa as welcome as it was unexpected, the owners of France's 60,000 bars, brasseries and cafes admitted yesterday that all too often their staff are surly, service slow and hygiene horrendous.

"Customers are right to complain of a poor or non-existent welcome, an excessively long wait and a lack of basic courtesy and reactivity," said André Dugoin, president of the French hotel and catering in dustry's main trade association, UMIH...

But the legendary (if largely exaggerated) rudeness of French waiters, particularly in Paris, has not done much to help the cafe's cause. Nor has an at times limited grasp of the concept of cleanliness, most often evident in the toilets...

The industry professionals said most customers' complaints revolved around the absence of a hospitable welcome, the unacceptable wait for an order to be taken (or for the drink to arrive), the near-impossibility of attracting a waiter's attention, staff's ignorance of the products they were selling, and poor hygiene...

Read it all ici. C'est vraiment incroyable!

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