Thursday, September 09, 2004

Forced conversion to Islam in Malaysia

The Malaysian Supreme Court refused to hear a case pertaining to a woman whose children were forcibly converted to Islam.

For months Malaysians have been talking about a case concerning the denial of religious freedom. Shamala Sathyyaseelan, a non-Muslim mother of two, asked Malaysia's highest court why her children were forcibly converted to Islam without her consent and knowledge. The Supreme Court sidestepped the case by declaring it was incompetent and referred it to the Shariah Court. The woman's lawyers objected arguing that the Shariah, or Islamic law, tribunal does not have jurisdiction over non Muslims. In the gap between two competing legal systems Sathyyaseelan is alone, her case in limbo.

In Sathyyaseelan's case, with the Supreme Court washing its hands, the Shariah Court is likely to uphold the father's claim and sanction the children's conversion to Islam.

Although formally protected under the law, non-Muslims must accept the decisions of Islamic courts which inevitably privilege Muslim applicants.

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Watch for more of this- Shariah courts are now legally recognized and binding in Canada.

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