Thursday, September 09, 2004

A day of outrage

The CBS Kerry documents may have been forged. You don't need me to tell you where to find that story.

As outrageous as that story is, there's even a bigger outrage. In a piece entitled "We were promised it would never happen again" Sherry at
Bittersweet, recounts how US servicemen and women are being set upon and verbally assaulted by anti war protestors.

"They have assured us all along that their problem is with the war and not with the Soldier.

They lied."

Sherry posts from a couple of news sources.

"A candlelight vigil took place Wednesday night to remember U.S. war dead in Iraq...The vigil, though, turned abrasive toward the family members, according to a family friend. ...mother was "harassed and yelled
at, booed and hissed, told her son died for nothing," the message read...mother reportedly left the event in tears."

In another locale,

The mayor of the community, six miles west of Seattle, has apologized for the way a U.S. veteran of the Iraq war was treated during a holiday parade there...called names such as "murderer"... who was disabled in battle near Nasiriyah...wore his medals and carried a sign: "Veterans for Bush."

Sherry goes on to say,

"If they want to know why the Veterans of Vietnam have begun to speak out in anger, they need look no further than the treatment of the returning Soldiers of Iraq and Afghanistan by many in our Nation. Wounds can not heal if there remains a segment of our fellow citizens intent upon ripping them open at every possible turn.

We have learned nothing if we have not learned to honor and respect those who have placed their very lives on the line to keep us safe and secure. ...maybe there are 2 America's and I am proud to be part of the America that honors the American Soldier"


Elections come and go. What is being done to our servicemen will last them a lifetime.

Maybe too many Americans were indifferent to Vietnam Vets for too long. Maybe it took the country too long to recognize them for their service to the nation.

If that were indeed the case, this generation of Americans won't make that same mistake. We do, and will continue to honor our service people who responded to the call of their nation.

That 'Mr. Reporting for Duty' and his minions have been silent on this outrage is no real surprise. They after all, were the generation that did the same thing, in public and in front of Congress.

Mr. Kerry's legacy is assured. All he has to do is look at what he has helped create.

See Bittersweet here

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