Thursday, September 30, 2004

The daily double

Marvin over at LittleRedBlog, has two excellent posts, The Swamps Must Be Cleared and First, We Set the Course Within.

"...we need look no further than this year’s Democratic nominee for the Presidency and his aides. They offer a campaign of fear mongering filled with race baiting, class envy, untruths and a dependence on the gullibility of the electorate..."

"We are a nation in search of our character once again. To find our character, the moral and ethical standards we hold as truths must be reaffirmed. We must admit that we are a nation of just and righteous men, boldly and willingly in command of our responsibilities, sailing toward our destiny. Is it that I believe we are prepared for this? No. First, each of us must seek moral truths, understand that what is immoral may not be illegal, and what is legal may not be moral, and then be willing to act and vote on our beliefs...."

I can't trackback to his posts-- Haloscan has it in for Marvin and I, for some reason, but go, read and think.

Wandering Mind

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