Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Change is good

Thanks to Jeremy of Pacetown, I've now got a new and much improved website. I like the look of it. Makes me seem a bit classier than I really am (I like self deprecating humor.).

Jeremy is a pro, no doubt about it (then again, anybody who can spell the word 'code' is held in high regard by me.). He's the brains behind the IT operation at Homespun. Both he and Tom of Mudandphud and big kahuna of Homespun, have been extremely kind to this new blogger and have been very encouraging and helpful.

I'd like to think the new site was worth every bit of the $40,000 it cost.

I make this confession freely and willingly- without his help, I'd be wallowing in the depths of IT purgatory.

One of my fellow Homespun bloggers, BunkerMulligan had kindly offered to assist me in my quest for a simpler, more attractive site. I politely declined Bunker for three reasons.

  • I know he puts in long hours as it is, and I didn't want him slaving away on my behalf
  • There is no way, in good conscience, I want to be put in a position that might have kept him off the golf course.
  • I wish to remain on his holiday gift list.

In case, if you haven't yet heard, BunkerMulligan may soon be a radio personality (well, a guest anyway) plugging the blogshere and more importantly, opining on the issues of the day.

Hope you all like the new look.

Wandering Mind

may not be suitable for political vegans