Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Bush leading in Gore states

John Kerry had a good night on Letterman.

But It wasn't that good. Unless the election is restricted to NY, France, Germany and that other bastion of freedom, the Arab world, Mr. Kerry has real problems.

Poll finds shift in states that Gore won in 2000

President Bush is cutting into John Kerry's base, leading or drawing virtually even with the Massachusetts senator in six of seven swing states that Democrat Al Gore won four years ago, according to a new Knight Ridder-MSNBC poll and two other single-state polls.

In Iowa, Bush led Kerry by 48-42 percent; in Minnesota, by 46-44; in New Mexico, by 47-43; in Oregon, by 47-43; and in Wisconsin by 46-44.

Kerry held a razor-thin lead of 45-44 percent in Pennsylvania. In Michigan, he led by 47-41, his strongest state among the seven.

The article is here.

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