Sunday, September 19, 2004

Big Red Bullseye

Over at Little Red Blog, Marvin Hutchens proves once again, why his blog his a daily read of mine.

Today, Marvin's comments, 'America at War' provides an insightful look into ourselves, in this time of war and highlights the sorry state of affairs this election season. It is a worthy read.

Prior to 9/11, and for indeed most of the last quarter of the 20th century, American’s were driven toward a form of group think that weakened our individuality while claiming that the free spirited, make love not war, policies of the left where those of progress and liberalization in the U.S. Instead, those efforts have led to an epidemic of boys, who are not capable of behaving as men, asking for more and more restrictions on our economic engine, more restrictions to our civil liberties, and an ever increasing intrusion into our lives by the government on all levels. Their pandering of entitlements, pseudo science, and class or gender based policies have created an education system which is focused not on creating the next generation of thinkers but on growing its economic and ideological impact on the United States. This has led to men such as John Kerry being the choice of a the party that once offered JFK and FDR, while the once conservative Republican party hawks the pre-1964
democratic agenda. The shift to the left reflects on our character and the
character of our children, and the emasculated remains of the U.S. are seen as ill prepared to take on the hyper masculine ideals and will of an enemy which values nothing more than death in the struggle for their values.

Read it all here.

Wandering Mind

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