Monday, September 13, 2004

Big Brother, right around the corner?

I missed this last week.

We've got big problems.

A safer America: The document problem

There is little disagreement among experts that America's identification systems are in shambles. Corruption, including the sale of forged documents by inside employees, is rampant. Driver's licenses are easy to fake; motor vehicle agencies easy to fool. Passports and visas, both those issued by the United States and those by foreign countries, cannot be trusted. Whether screening airplane passengers, providing medical treatment, or trying to guard the border, experts agree: Today, there is no reliable way to identify people.

"What we have right now, we're just playing games, just fooling ourselves," said identity theft expert Rob Douglas, who operates "But we may be looking for solutions that don't exist."

"I sympathize with Homeland Security. It is mindboggling," said identity
theft expert Douglas. "But I don't think it means we just throw up our hands in frustration... It is certainly not the kind of a problem we are going to solve on a fixed date, even in the next five to 10 years."

The article is here.

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